Committee Membership 2019-2020

Membership – Cllrs: D Morgan, J Roberts, G Reynolds, S Knoyle, H Morgan, S Evans

Finance & Audit:
Membership – Cllrs: D Morgan, C Edwards, R Knoyle, H Morgan, S McMenamin, R Simons

Human Resources:
Membership – Cllrs: S McMenamin, H Morgan, R Knoyle, G Reynolds, J Collins

Parks & Open Spaces:
Membership – Cllrs: D Morgan, J Gregory, J Evans, S Knoyle, S McMenamin, R Simons

Project Action Group:
Membership – Cllrs: D Morgan, S Knoyle, J Roberts, J Collins, M Powell, H Morgan

Town Hall/Community Centre:
Cllrs: D Morgan, J Gregory, C Edwards, R Knoyle, G Reynolds, S Evans

Following the 2018 AGM, it was resolved to accept the following representatives to sit on external bodies/committees:

One Voice Wales Neath Area Committee/AGM Delegate
Cllr Janet Gregory

Pen y Cymoedd Site Liaison Committees
Cllr. Del Morgan

Selar Community Benefit Fund Panel
Cllr. Carolyn Edwards
Cllr. Janet Gregory

Selar Site Liaison Group
Cllr. John Evans

School Governing Bodies
Cymnedd Primary School – Cllr. Gerry Reynolds
YGG Cwmnedd –

Vale of Neath Practice Patient’s Participation Group
Cllr. Janet Gregory
Cllr. Haulwen Morgan

3G Pitch Management Committee
Councillor Del Morgan

Aberpergwm Colliery Site Liaison Committee
Cllr. Janet Gregory

Glynneath Regeneration Steering Group
Cllr. Richard Knoyle
Cllr Shane McMenamin

Glynneath Sports and Community Association
Cllr. Del Morgan

NPT/Town and Community Councils Liaison Group
Cllr. Simon Knoyle
Cllr. Janet Gregory

Maesgwyn Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund Panel
All Glynneath Town Councillors are members of the above panel.