Twin Towns

Our twin town is Pont Eveque which is situated in the Rhone-Alpes (South East) region of France.

Offically established as a municipal entity by an Act which came into being on the 20th July 1867, Pont Eveque is 494.8KM South East of Paris, 99KM North West of Grenoble, 130KM South West of Geneva, Switzerland & 230KM North West of Turin, Italy

With a population of 5190 inhabitants (2013 Census) and a land area of 8.76 sq. km (3.38 sq.miles) it is the second largest city of the Vienne District, which is an urban community of 18 towns & cities with an overall population of in excess of 68,000 people.

Over 8,000 plants adorn the city centre.

The present Mayor is Martine Faita and the Council numbers 29 members.

Pont Eveque has several excellent hotels, various sports clubs, covering Aikido, Athletics, BMX, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Handball, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Walking & Yoga, several schools from Kindergarten (infants) to the College Georges Brassens, 4 banks, 4 GPs, 9 bars & restaurants, several food shops & supermakets and a Thursday Market (7am to 1pm) with a variety of stalls selling a wide range of products (fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, sausage, poultry, cheese, flowers, cloths, linen,shoes & various Bric A Brac).

Cultural activities are organised by the public & volunteers and are very diverse, including a Festi`Jeux (play festival), Women`s Day, Painters` Day, a Comedy Festival & Music Festival each year.

26.4m away is Lyon and there are excellent transport services to the rest of France and in fact, the whole of Europe.