Wednesday, 06 October 2021 15:35

Cemetery memorial safety testing

As a Council, we take the health and safety of its staff and members of the public seriously. Therefore, ICCM will shortly be holding a Memorial Safety Testing training session for several Glynneath Town Council staff and councillors.

This training will be taking place on the afternoon of Monday 11th October 2021.

Following this training, the Council will be carrying out a programme of inspection using the trained staff and councillors to check the condition of the memorials at our cemetery. Unsafe memorials may be temporarily secured to prevent damage or injury. Where possible, owners will be notified accordingly. We will notify members of the public of the inspection dates in due course.

We appreciate that activities in our cemetery should be carried out sensitively. We, therefore, apologise if any actions taken during this important process cause any concerns - however, the actions being taken are in the interests of safety. Should you require further information about the training or upcoming inspection and making safe of memorials, then please contact us.